About Mike and Susan Herron


It was a balmy summer night in 1966 when Mike and I met at Refugio Beach, just north of Santa Barbara, CA.  We dated for two years before going our separate ways, each of us marrying and moving out of the area.  In 1984 my husband died so I decided to visit my parents for an extended period.  While in Santa Barbara I looked in the phone book to see if Mike was around.  I found his name listed but when I called there was no answer.  I took a note over to his house and put it on the front door – the rest is history and we were married 8 months later.

Mike started an electronic messaging business, Applied Humanomics, back in 1982 with his closest friend, Gordon Feingold.  Mike and Gordon were pioneers in this industry, setting up email networks before people really knew what computers were, let alone email.  Email, what is that and what would I ever do with it are comments they frequently heard.  Can you imagine life without it now?  After we married I went to work for Applied Humanomics, which is where I first touched a computer and my love/hate relationship with them began.  Gordon eventually left the company and Mike and I moved the business to Klamath Falls, OR.  We stayed in Oregon, moving up to the Portland area and then back down to Klamath Falls over the next eleven years.  In 1996, with the explosion of the Internet, we could no longer compete and closed the business.

We took the next year off, exploring the beauty of Oregon, knowing that we would probably have to leave Oregon when we finally went back to work.  During that year Mike began writing a novel that someday he may finish (or maybe I will finish it!!).  I keep telling him it is better than most of the books you buy today and that it would make a great movie.  Time went quickly and in September 1997 Mike was hired by Sprint and we moved to Dallas, TX.  I eventually found employment with GTE (now Verizon) and we settled into our life in Dallas.  Neither one of us were happy there.  We found it especially difficult to adjust to all the people having lived in the mountains of Oregon where there were about 60,000 people in 7,000 square miles and then moving to Dallas where there millions of people in the same area.  So, with his boss’ blessing and an OK to telecommute we made the move to The Villages, FL in August 2000.

After five years of living in Florida and retirement finally here, we decided to sell our home and anything that didn’t fit into a 5×10 foot storage, purchase a 5th wheel and experience life on the road.  January 2006 we took off for the open road planning on exploring the US.  We headed to California where we spent a month visiting family and friends.  We then headed for Oregon.  Unfortunately as we reached Oregon my Mother passed away and we headed back to Santa Barbara to join the family for her funeral and preparing their home for sale.  It was a very bittersweet time.  Good because we were all together as a family but so sad as we lost Mother.  She will always be in our hearts, though.

We headed back to Oregon and spent time visiting the many friends we met over the 12 years we lived there as well as family.  It was then on to Washington and more visiting with friends and family.  It was wonderful to be able to take the time to visit with friends and family we hadn’t seen for such a long time.

We then crossed over the Canadian border on May 7th to start a trip of a lifetime, our four-month Canadian/Alaskan adventure.  We had a spectacular trip through Canada and the time we spent in Alaska we will never forget.  You can read our journal and see our pictures of these adventures.  Unfortunately, we had to cut our retirement short when Mike’s step-dad, Claude Madden, was in an auto accident.  We went back to Florida to get him out of the hospital and ended up staying 1 1/2 years there to care for him.  We had been living in the 5th wheel for the past 1 1/2 years in a place we didn’t want to be and 5th wheel living lost its luster for us.  So, in mid 2007, when he told us he was moving back to California and since we knew we didn’t want to live in Florida, started looking for a place we wanted to settle down.  We always thought we would end up back in the Pacific Northwest as we really loved the mountains and trees but when we discovered the mountains of Georgia, we fell in love with the area.  November 2007 we bought a log-sided home on 1.4 acres 9 miles outside of Blairsville, GA.  Mike and I set the date of the end of March 2008 for me to retire again and make the move to Georgia.

We love it here in Blairsville, GA.   Life is so much slower, the people are so friendly and we love the out doors. There are so many state parks, rivers and lakes around that it will keep us busy for many years as we explore the area.   We have gotten back into hiking and have enjoyed exploring the outdoors.  Although we love all the seasons, fall is our favorite.  Not only is it spectacular with the changing leaves the days start cooling off and the nights start getting crisp.  But now the wanderlust in us is calling.  We have been here for six years, the longest we have ever lived in one place.  We are ready to move on to a new adventure.  At the moment that adventure is Panama.  Be sure to read all about our upcoming trip to Panama.

Mike has three children, which he graciously gave to me and they and I accepted.  Sherry and her husband Craig live in Pueblo West, CO and have two children; Craig and Astali.  Trish and her husband Brent live in Costa Mesa, CA and have four children; Hillary, Diana, Betsy and Emma.  David moved to Anchorage, AK after falling in love with Alaska when he visited us while we were there.

Even though we are retired we still want to remain active mentally as well as physically so always have our hands into something.