Our Stay In Chile Is At An End

EL YESO RESERVOIR – We headed south out of Santiago to El Yeso, a reservoir located about an hour’s drive outside of Santiago up in the Andes. The reservoir, which is a major source of drinking water for Santiago, is formed by damming the Yeso river.

We stopped in the small town of San Jose de Maipo for a short while and were able to wander around the square, grab so water and get back on the bus.

Soon we were heading into the Cajon del Maipo along the Maipo River where the scenery turns more to nature as we passed snow capped mountains, waterfalls and amazing landscape forms caused by erosion and time on the hills.

We stopped at Las Cáscaras, an old abandoned mining camp used as military shelter at one point.

We continued up the mountain and soon we saw where the water ran from the dam. It was hard to imagine that the beautiful turquoise color just below the dam is natural.

As we caught our first glimpse of the El Yeso reservoir, nestled in amongst the snow-capped mountains at an elevation of about 9,800 feet, again, the incredible turquoise water took our breath away. I wish I had paid better attention as I am sure they told us why the water was so turquoise.

After we walked around a bit we were served a snack and wine at the lake’s edge. The weather couldn’t have been better nor could the view. What a perfect way to end out stay in Chile.

Soon we were heading back and passed the same spectacular landscape as on the way up. We pulled off close this waterfall and several of us made the short hike back to the falls. This was the perfect day and the perfect way to end our stay in Chile.

Before leaving Chile I wanted to share some more pictures of Santiago.

My favorite, Harina Tostada, means “toasted flour”, who would have thought?!

Those prices look expensive but he exchange rate is 679 Chilean pesos to 1 US dollar.

118Santiago12-22-16AroundTownThis river cuts through Santiago
116Santiago12-22-16AroundTownAs on so many bridges throughout the world, this one was filled with locks put on my hopeful lovers
124Santiago12-22-16AroundTownLapis lazuli, Chile’s national stone


112Santiago12-22-16AroundTownOne of many murals that dot the city on buildings and walls
114Santiago12-22-16AroundTownEntertainment at the stoplights, just like in Cuenca


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