Our First Real Two Weeks

We took the first week to sort or acclimate ourselves and ease into the busy schedule ahead.

March 31st we were actually pulled from the 20th to the 21st century kicking and screaming as we ended up getting smart phones.  With the phone plan they offered we got free smart phones if we guaranteed 2 years at $25/mo for our data and cell plan (that is for each of us).  I thought it was a pretty good deal.  Now comes the learning curve!

On March 31st we also went our for a celebratory dinner after meeting with our attorney and starting the Visa process!!  We meet the attorney’s assistant on April 8th at 8:00am at the Ministry Department to turn in our paperwork.  Our attorney said it will take about 45 days for the process but as soon as we turn in our paperwork, the clock stops.  Without a residency visa you can stay 90 days unless you renew and then up to 180 days.  We have already used 48 of those days.  But as of April 8th, the clock stops, no matter how long it takes to get our visa.  Once we get our visa it will take about a week to get our cedula.  The cedula is Ecuador’s national ID card and looks similar to the US drivers license.

We ordered some of our furniture and should have it by the end of this week or early next week.  We are so looking forward to having a sofa and dining room table as it will then start feeling more like home.  Our apartment has a stove, refrigerator and a mattress on the floor.  We are simply too old to be living like starving college students.  The acrobatics we have to go through just to get in and out of bed!!

Once we are settled in I will post more pictures but h ere are a few pictures from the walk we did into El Centro (the Old Town) the other day.

This is the Rio Tomebamba and that brick building is our apartment.  You can see our apartment, the top two floors.

This is the river and flowers about 2 blocks from our house
Here they are doing their laundry along the river
Just one of the streets we were walking along
They were having a cancer drive this day and when the light turned red they would go out into the intersection with this banner and people would walk amongst the cars with cans for donations.  When the light turned green they would go to the other side of the intersection where the light was red.


I can’t believe how busy our social calendar has been but it has been fun getting out and meeting new people.

Until next time, (Hasta la próxima)

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