Exploring Boquete

The day started out beautiful and sunny so we decided to do the loop that is close to where we are staying. We started on this loop earlier but it was “misting” so the views weren’t very good. Today is the perfect day.

The drive started as we passed a little boy and his dog. They were both so cute, how could a day that started like this possibly be bad.


As we looped up the mountainside we came to one of several overlooks. Green, green fields dotted with white cows and houses tucked here and there. We passed Café Mirador with a view we heard was spectacular, maybe we will have to come back for a cup of coffee and see if it is true.

The hillsides were so lush and green and presented a beauty all their own. As we were descending back into town we passed several interesting gates and fences. I just love this whimsical gate with the pig, chicken and bull’s head.

The day was still gorgeous so we decided to take a loop called Volcancito. We read the Volcancito area has the sunniest microclimate (of ten) in the Boquete area. As you drive the scenic loop road that graces the western side of Boquete, you rise above the town passing luxury homes, coffee fields, tree-lined streets, fields and greenhouses, and long-established homesteads.

A sign pointed to Volcán Barú so we decided to take the short detour and see where it led. Mike thought you needed a 4-wheel vehicle to continue on the road to Volcán Barú, and sure enough, YOU DO! The views from here were incredible so our little detour was well worth it.

Back on the road we continued our loop drive. There are many greenhouses in the area and we happened along one that was close to the road so hopped out to take pictures. As we were taking pictures Mike called me over to see the water line that spanned a gully. We could see a small shack on the other side of the gully but I am sure the water line was for more than that dwelling. On the other side of the road was one of those big old metal water pipes we have seen so frequently on our excursions.

We came to a stone wall that went on forever and it amazed me that there was no mortar, it was held together simply by piling the rocks properly.

As we drove around one corner a sign caught my eye and I asked Mike to turn around and go back so I could take a picture of it. The best translation I can come up with is Careful Dog and Bullet.

We came to a house that had a Se Alquila (for rent) sign on the tree in front of it. Since we are interested in the Boquete area as a possible place to relocate, we are interested in what houses rent for. I took a picture of the house and contacted the company listed on the sign. They said the house rented for $550/mo and that it was a 1/bed 1/bath duplex. The location was in a pretty setting, the kind we would like, but I think the house might be a little small. Still, it is fun to see what is out there. The loop was a beautiful drive, one I wouldn’t mind doing again another day.

We headed back into town to have our mid-day meal. We stopped at Sugar and Spice where I had the special which was a chicken salad and avocado wrap for $4.50 and Mike had the Hot Volcano Sandwich that was smoked chicken breast, onion, pepper jack cheese with a red pepper aioli sauce on a ciabatta roll for $4.00. Mine was good but OMG, his was one of the best sandwiches I have tasted.

After lunch we decided to take the loop near the Hacienda, where we are staying, in the reverse direction from this morning. By now the clouds were hanging low on the surrounding mountainside engulfing the ever-present cows and lush green pastures. Even though the feeling had changed drastically from this morning both presented their own beauty.

What a great day we had for exploring areas of Boquete

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