Ecuador, Here We Come!!

We left Atlanta, GA at 5:55pm on Sunday, March 20th and arrived in Quito, Ecuador around 10:18pm. After picking up our 12 footlockers, 2 large wheelies and 2 large duffel bags we made our way through immigration and customs. The whole process went fairly quickly and we were out in the lobby about 10:45pm. OK, now what to do since our flight to Cuenca doesn’t leave until 8:45am the next morning. There is a hotel about 30 minutes from the airport but the thought of hauling all those bags there for just a few hours didn’t make sense as we needed to be back at the airport around 6:45a. So, I decided to make a bed out of two of the footlockers and try to get some sleep. Mike didn’t want to even try that so unfortunately, he was up all night. Now I have to tell you, there isn’t much to do in the Quito airport except wander around or watch all the other people stretched out on the floor sleeping. I must admit those footlockers weren’t very comfortable but I did manage to get a few hours of sleep. The hard surface of the footlocker finally got to me and around 5:30am and I had to get up.


We flew down to Quito on Delta and were taking a connecting flight on LAN to Cuenca. Finally around 6:30am the counter opened and we were able to check our bags and us in. Opps, somehow none of our 16 bags had gotten into the LAN computers so, excuse us, we held up the flow of things as the young man had to enter each bag number and weight into the computer by hand. All checked in, we head to the lounge area to wait for our plane.

The flight to Cuenca was uneventful but we sure did have some spectacular views of snow-capped volcanoes.  I wish I could say for sure which volcano this is.  Judging by the time date on the picture I would have to say it is Cotapaxi.  Cotapaxi is 31 miles south of Quito and is the second highest summit in the country, reaching 19,374″


Coming into Cuenca.


We arrived in Cuenca on time, around 9:40am and a friend met us. She had arranged to have someone meet us at the airport and take all our luggage to our apartment. The driver brought a truck but even so it took two trips to get all our luggage from the airport. Now came the matter of getting all 16 pieces of luggage, each weighing around 70 pounds, up three flights of stairs, with no elevator. The person who picked us up at the airport hauled all of them up for us. The cost of the two trips to the airport and his taking all the luggage up three flights of stairs was $50!

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