Drive to Volcán and Cerro Punta

As I opened my eyes all I could see was rain. UGH, today was the day we planned to drive to Volcán and how good could the drive be in the rain. So, we decided to just stay put today and go another day. About an hour after breakfast the sun started to peek out from behind the clouds. We were told if it rains in the morning it probably won’t rain in the afternoon. So we changed our plans again, gathered our things, and headed out.

We headed towards David and around Dolega headed towards Portrerillos. We are taking the new road to Volcán. Well, it probably is no longer new as I read posts from 2010 where they were talking about it, so I guess new is relative.

Unfortunately for us it started raining, but we had already committed so we ventured on. We passed orange groves and cattle, rivers and waterfalls. Even with the rain it was a beautiful drive.46Panama11-21-14Volcan2Dolega

About an hour later we arrived in Volcán. Like Boquete it is around 4,000 ft in elevation and like Boquete that figure varies throughout the area. Unlike Boquete, though, that is very compact, Volcán is spread out along the road, not unlike many railroad towns back in the US that were built along the tracks. We drove through town and then turned around as we wanted to go to Cerro Punta, up in the hills to the “breadbasket of Panama.”


By now the rains had stopped so the drive to Cerro Punta at around 6,500 ft elevation was great. Everywhere we looked we saw gorgeous views of all sorts of crops planted up even higher up the mountainside. I know I mentioned it before but the mountainsides really do look like one of those handmade “crazy quilts” with all different shapes and colors.





On the drive back down to Volcán we passed through several small communities. All along the road we saw fruit and vegetable stands, as well as buildings used to gather the vegetables for shipment. We even passed a trout farm and a St. Bernard.

We were hungry by the time we got back and were told to try a Mexican restaurant, Restaurante Burrico. It was a clean and friendly restaurant with great service. I had the Chicken Molé and Mike had Fajitas.

After lunch it was time to head back to Boquete. The drive back was much more enjoyable as we were able to actually see out the windows and make an occasional stop for pictures. I had heard you can see the Pacific Ocean on this drive and on one of the rises in the road I swore I saw the ocean although Mike swears it was just the horizon off in the distance. You tell me if that isn’t the ocean in the far distance! It is the 19th picture, look hard towards the horizon, can’t you see the ocean?

All too soon we were back at the Hacienda, reminiscing about our fun day and the beauty of the Volcán area.

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