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Slowly Assimilating Into Life In Cuenca

Day by day we are assimilating into life in Cuenca. We love our lives here but don’t have blinders on to all the differences that living life abroad has, the frustrations, challenges or what simply seems strange and different to us. Like I’ve said before, if you want life to be as it was where you came from, just stay home...

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Honey, We’re Home!!!

Has it really been only six-weeks since we moved to our new home in Cuenca, Ecuador, with our sixteen suitcases and small containers??? In a way it seems like we have been here for years, and in a way it seems like we arrived just yesterday.

On January 15th we rented a 2-bedroom/2.5-bath apartment for $380.00/mo. It is an unfurnished apartment, and by unfurnished, I mean NOTHING...

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Our First Real Two Weeks

We took the first week to sort or acclimate ourselves and ease into the busy schedule ahead.

March 31st we were actually pulled from the 20th to the 21st century kicking and screaming as we ended up getting smart phones.  With the phone plan they offered we got free smart phones if we guaranteed 2 years at $25/mo for our data and cell plan (that is for each of us)...

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Ecuador, Here We Come!!

We left Atlanta, GA at 5:55pm on Sunday, March 20th and arrived in Quito, Ecuador around 10:18pm. After picking up our 12 footlockers, 2 large wheelies and 2 large duffel bags we made our way through immigration and customs. The whole process went fairly quickly and we were out in the lobby about 10:45pm. OK, now what to do since our flight to Cuenca doesn’t leave until 8:45am the next morning...

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