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I’m still catching up, here’s March!!

OK, here I am again for the second week of catching up. This time I will share what our March looked like.
We started the month off by spending four days and three nights at Hacienda Chan Chan, a combination bed and breakfast and family-run dairy farm. It is located just outside of Cuenca near the small, rural community of Chiquintad...
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Carnival, Ingapirca and Devil’s Nose

February found us staying pretty close to home as Mike was finishing up his latest book, Guarding Genevieve, and I was busy helping my boss get her web page up as well as designing a few book covers.

Plus, we have both been busy getting ready for the 2016 Cuenca International Writer Conference. This is the first conference in what we are hoping will be many, many more...

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The Beginning of Another Exciting Year

It’s hard to believe we have been here over a year now! We flew in to Guayaquil on December 31, 2014 to the spectacle of fireworks bursting everywhere. It was around 11:00pm as we made the descent into the airport and took a taxi the short distance to our hotel. We stood at the window in our room watching the explosions all around us...

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Happy New Year!!

Boy, what a wild ride 2015 has been! Our move to Ecuador in March has been everything we hoped it would be. We have enjoyed meeting so many people, both Ecuadorians and Expats alike. We have enjoyed immersing ourselves into a new culture that is both exciting and frustrating.

December was sort of a mixed bag for us...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Before I get into my newsletter I am going to blatantly market Mike’s book, Appalachian Gold. I am sending this out earlier than usual, as I want to make sure you received it before the special promotion on his book.
From December 7 at midnight PST through December 14th, the price of Appalachian Gold will be reduced from $3.99 to $0.99. To purchase Appalachian Gold, click HERE
KindleGiftBook*Do you nee...
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Time Got Away From Me

Time has gotten away from me and I realized it has been two months since I posted anything.
We have been in Cuenca for 7 months now and simply love it here. We love the customs, the friendly people, the culture and the simple way of life.
It is a good feeling to walk down the street and greet and be greeted by strangers with
“buenos dias”(good morning), “buenas tardes” (good afternoon), or “bue...
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Enjoying Life in Cuenca

8/1/15 – Mike and I took a leisurely walk into El Centro today. There was music playing in Parque Caldron so we stopped to enjoy it, sitting on a park bench in the sun and just people watching.
We continued our wandering, up one street and down another, until it was time for lunch...
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Typical And Not So Typical Days In Cuenca

I am taking a Spanish class that meets 2 times a week.  It is about a mile from where we live and I love the leisurely 25-minute walk to and from.  Most of my walk is along Remigio Tamariz Crespo, a nice quiet street.  During my walks in the morning I like to practice that day’s lesson, but on this beautiful, clear July 20th morning, I decided to take pictures of my walk to class. 
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A New Adventure Around Every Corner!

7/4/15 – We attended the Hearts of Gold BBQ to celebrate 4th of July and support the work of the Hearts of Gold Foundation.
From their website – “Hearts of Gold partners with existing Ecuadorian non-profits to foster sustainable change and create the greatest impact in vulnerable societies...
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Fun Times In Cuenca

In my last post I said that we desperately need a social secretary, and it is still true. Things may or may not settle down, but we sure are having fun making lots of wonderful memories.
On June 13th we loaded onto a bus, with lots of other expats, for a 30-minute ride to La Yunta...
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