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Drive to Volcán and Cerro Punta

As I opened my eyes all I could see was rain. UGH, today was the day we planned to drive to Volcán and how good could the drive be in the rain. So, we decided to just stay put today and go another day. About an hour after breakfast the sun started to peek out from behind the clouds. We were told if it rains in the morning it probably won’t rain in the afternoon...

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Exploring Boquete

The day started out beautiful and sunny so we decided to do the loop that is close to where we are staying. We started on this loop earlier but it was “misting” so the views weren’t very good. Today is the perfect day.

The drive started as we passed a little boy and his dog. They were both so cute, how could a day that started like this possibly be bad.


As we looped up the mountainside w...

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Our Hacienda in Boquete

This morning we took a little drive down towards David about 20 miles and then back up into one of the areas just to see what was back there.




On the way “home” we stopped for lunch and had the most incredible fish and chips.


Since we didn’t really do much today I thought I would share pictures of where we are staying.

This is the front...

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Tuesday Market

What a fun morning. We were told we have to go the Tuesday Morning market so this morning we woke eager to see what it was all about. It is held every Tuesday, rain or shine from 9:00 am – 12:00 noon at the Boquete Community Players Theatre & Event Center just across the Feria Bridge from downtown.

Finding a place to park was a chore as we got there about 9:15a...

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Exploring the hills around Boquete

We were up at 6:00 this morning, showered, and checking emails when breakfast arrived. It was the same as yesterday as we told Tori that is what we preferred.

After breakfast we headed out with no agenda in mind. We actually like to just wander, never knowing which road to take until we turn onto it...

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Pizza in Boquete

Today was a pretty uneventful day as we decided to just stay put and let Mike rest one more day. After a fantastic breakfast of granola, yogurt, fresh pineapple, bananas, and papaya, pumpkin bread, toast, and the most delicious coffee, we just “hung out...

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Drive from Pedasí to Boquete

We left early, around 7:30, as we didn’t know how long the 365-kilometer (about 228 miles) trip would take us to get to Boquete, and we didn’t know if we were going to make any stops. We sort of figured if we didn’t stop and drove at 40 mph the trip would take a little over 5 ½ hours...

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Looking at houses in Pedasí

Today we were back in town with Al and Shelly looking at houses and driving around the area. We drove through parts of Pedasí neither Mike no I had been and out to the little airport. Shelly said that they have, I think, 1 flight a week and it is about $100 one-way to Panama City...

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Checking out housing

Today Al, Shelly, Mike and I went into town to have “the special” at Smiley’s, a hamburger. Neither Mike nor I have had one in forever so it tasted especially good. While in town we poked around to see what houses rent for and what they look like. I had heard Panamanian homes were smaller and some came equipped with stove and refrigerators while others didn’t.

We saw two, actually, one ...

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Winding down our stay in Pedasí

We have been winding down our wonderful stay in Pedasí. We haven’t ventured out much but have been enjoying the tranquility by the pool and conversations with those who live here. The real bonus, though, has been getting to know Al and Shelly McCullough.

One day for lunch we had some of the pineapple we got in Las Arenas plus a papaya picked from a friend’s yard and a couple plantai...
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