Fun Times In Cuenca

In my last post I said that we desperately need a social secretary, and it is still true. Things may or may not settle down, but we sure are having fun making lots of wonderful memories.
On June 13th we loaded onto a bus, with lots of other expats, for a 30-minute ride to La Yunta...
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Desperately Needing A Social Secretary

It is hard to believe it has been almost three months since we moved here full time. So much has happened in that time period, yet we still have things we need to take care of before we can really take a deep breath and say we are here.
The first thing we needed to address was Mike’s heart medication...
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Bus Tour To San Bartolome, Sigsig, Chordeleg And Gualaceo

What a fun day we had. Twenty-four of us boarded the bus at San Sabastian Plaza and at 9:00am, headed off for a day of adventure to San Bartolome, Sigsig, Chordeleg and Gualaceo.
San Bartolome – In Southern Ecuador, about 20 miles east of Cuenca, lies a small village where guitar-making is a way of life. The master guitar makers are world famous...
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Slowly Assimilating Into Life In Cuenca

Day by day we are assimilating into life in Cuenca. We love our lives here but don’t have blinders on to all the differences that living life abroad has, the frustrations, challenges or what simply seems strange and different to us. Like I’ve said before, if you want life to be as it was where you came from, just stay home...

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Honey, We’re Home!!!

Has it really been only six-weeks since we moved to our new home in Cuenca, Ecuador, with our sixteen suitcases and small containers??? In a way it seems like we have been here for years, and in a way it seems like we arrived just yesterday.

On January 15th we rented a 2-bedroom/2.5-bath apartment for $380.00/mo. It is an unfurnished apartment, and by unfurnished, I mean NOTHING...

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Our First Real Two Weeks

We took the first week to sort or acclimate ourselves and ease into the busy schedule ahead.

March 31st we were actually pulled from the 20th to the 21st century kicking and screaming as we ended up getting smart phones.  With the phone plan they offered we got free smart phones if we guaranteed 2 years at $25/mo for our data and cell plan (that is for each of us)...

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Ecuador, Here We Come!!

We left Atlanta, GA at 5:55pm on Sunday, March 20th and arrived in Quito, Ecuador around 10:18pm. After picking up our 12 footlockers, 2 large wheelies and 2 large duffel bags we made our way through immigration and customs. The whole process went fairly quickly and we were out in the lobby about 10:45pm. OK, now what to do since our flight to Cuenca doesn’t leave until 8:45am the next morning...

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Drive to Volcán and Cerro Punta

As I opened my eyes all I could see was rain. UGH, today was the day we planned to drive to Volcán and how good could the drive be in the rain. So, we decided to just stay put today and go another day. About an hour after breakfast the sun started to peek out from behind the clouds. We were told if it rains in the morning it probably won’t rain in the afternoon...

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Exploring Boquete

The day started out beautiful and sunny so we decided to do the loop that is close to where we are staying. We started on this loop earlier but it was “misting” so the views weren’t very good. Today is the perfect day.

The drive started as we passed a little boy and his dog. They were both so cute, how could a day that started like this possibly be bad.


As we looped up the mountainside w...

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Our Hacienda in Boquete

This morning we took a little drive down towards David about 20 miles and then back up into one of the areas just to see what was back there.




On the way “home” we stopped for lunch and had the most incredible fish and chips.


Since we didn’t really do much today I thought I would share pictures of where we are staying.

This is the front...

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