Beautiful October

We continue loving it here in Cuenca and spend time with friends and exploring the area.

We wandered around town exploring the Cuenca “ArtWalk”, a self-guided art tour of over 50 locations throughout the historic El Centro. The “ArtWalk” was meant  to introduce the talented art we have in Cuenca, from jewelers and sculptures to paintings, handmade crafts, weaving, music, folk dancers and theater, to name a few.

1Cuenca10-1-16BobTomCathySandyMikeCarolina Smokehouse was one of the stops

Our monthly Cuenca Lunch Bunch group continues to grow and we usually have anywhere from 8-20 people. David and Debi were in Spain on the Camino walk so we decided to make a sign and hold it up while we had our picture taken so we could send it to them to let them know we missed them.


Mike and I are involved in the Cuenca International Writer’s Conference and attend a monthly meeting at a local restaurant in El Centro. This month one of the members invited us to her home in Paute for the meeting. Paute is a small town about 45 minutes outside of Cuenca. I have to say it was hard having the meeting on the front porch as the view of the river below took our focus away.



We met with Miguel Illescas as Mike is doing an article on him for the CuencaExpat Magazine. Miguel Illescas is a world-renowned artist, whose works are housed in public and private collections around the globe. Miguel is a self-taught artist. He learned to weld at the age of 14 and before long was fashioning metal sculptures. For the most part he uses recycled materials to create his art, reclaiming discarded rubbish from the environment and turning it into sculptures of permanent beauty.

5Cuenca10-10-16IlliscasMikeMike interviewing Miguel Illescas
4Cuenca10-10-16Illesca4FamilyMiguel Illescas with his wife and daughter 
6Cuenca10-10-16IguanaHe is known for his whimsical iguanas and other animals

It still amazes us that we usually end up sitting around for 2-3 hours talking and enjoying lunch with friends. Usually we have to flag the waiter down to ask for the check, we are never rushed.


Parque Paraiso (Paradise Park) is the largest park in Cuenca. Today was our first time at here and as we started our walk it started to rain. Not a problem, we always have our umbrellas with us, but when the wind started blowing and it started raining harder we decided to call it a day and come back another time.



Well, that other time was just a couple of weeks later when the sun was out and we could take our time exploring. It really is a beautiful sanctuary in the middle of a huge city with over 500,000 people. It has walking trails, a pond, playground and exercise equipment, a running track, lots of open spaces and both the Tomebamba and Yanuncay rivers run through it and converging at the end of the park. We so enjoyed just our time just wandering around and will definitely make it back again soon.








Here are some scenes from our walk home.





We will end the month with a beautiful sunset.


Until next time.

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